Mirfield Residents say NO to Tesco

Monday 23rd January 2012 : 

My Mirfield recently asked the residents of Mirfield what they thought of a Tesco Express opening in Mirfield. It was  a mixed response but the vast majority of Mirfield residents chose to say No to Tesco.

The results of the My Mirfield Tesco poll

  • YES Mirfield does need a Tesco 23% (99 votes)
  • NO Mirfield does not need a Tesco 77% (323 votes)

Tesco has now opened its Express store on the site of the Black Bull on Huddersfield Road in Mirfield but that doesnt mean you have to shop there. So for all those that said no to Tesco in Mirfield remember to keep shopping at your local Mirfield shops and asking for your loyalty points.


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